Zagreb – Belgrade: Private driver car service

It’s great to have your hands free while someone experienced navigates the unfamiliar highways, allowing you to take in the spectacular views. Take the worry out of your transportation arrangements between Zagreb and Belgrade and book a fully air-conditioned vehicle with a private driver. Get to your destination with ease and enjoy a stress-free vacation. Croatian Guide has a team of experienced drivers for your Zagreb-Belgrade-Zagreb tour. Enjoy your trip tailor-made to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Regardless of your reasons for traveling, be it for business or pleasure, your transfer from Zagreb to Belgrade will be fun, convenient and relaxing.  With the two cities – Zagreb and Belgrade – located about 400km apart, your trip will take no more than 4 hours, depending on certain factors including traffic and weather conditions.

Time is of the essence when planning a vacation. Every minute counts. When you hire a vehicle with a driver with Croatian Guide, the driver will show up at the designated location at an agreed time and drive you safely across the border to your destination. Now you don’t have to worry about jumping buses, waiting at train stations or hiring expensive taxis. 

At Croatian Guide, we believe that there is a massive benefit to booking private transportation from Zagreb to Belgrade. You’ll feel safe and immersed in the destination, thanks to your friendly, knowledgeable driver.

Who Hires a Vehicle with a Driver for a Zagreb-Belgrade-Zagreb Tour?

The private transfer is perfect for the following set of clients:

  1. A family who wants to avoid the stress of public transportation with their kids and luggage, and are looking for a kid-friendly tour;
  2. Honeymooners who are looking to fuel their love life. Visit some of the best local bars, restaurants and explore the energetic nightlife Belgrade is famous for;
  3. Group of revelers who are looking to go to Belgrade to party. The nightlife scene in Belgrade is indescribable. What better way to experience it than booking a car and driver for a trip from Zagreb to Belgrade. Avoid the hassles of public transportation and quickly hop from one party scene to another;
  4. Business travelers who are going to a conference meeting in Belgrade. Arrive at the conference meeting in style in a fully equipped private transfer.

Odds are you must have driven yourself on a previous visit to Belgrade but had a change of heart for this trip. You want a local professional driver familiar with the road terrains behind the wheels. Keep in mind that booking private transportation from Zagreb to Belgrade is more than just the driver, it’s often about the experience of the local driver and time you can save.

Hiring a vehicle with a driver not only make your trip memorable but also frees up so much time. You don’t have to worry about taking a wrong turn, parking issues or how to get back to Zagreb safely. Our selected local drivers know Belgrade and its environs like the back of their hands. We can design an itinerary for clients who don’t fancy driving but still want to get the most out of their trips.

Choosing the Right Local Driver

You may have concerns about how we select our drivers. We would never book a driver that’s not up to the task. Our drivers have the required city licenses and are fully insured. More importantly, we don’t pair up two sets of different clients, regardless of whether they are heading to the same destination. When we say private transfer from Zagreb to Belgrade, we keep to our words. We have a fleet of cars that can handle as many clients as possible.

All drivers dress smartly for the occasion. Our selected drivers have luxury vehicles that come fully equipped with state of the art amenities for convenience. What’s more, each vehicle undergoes periodic maintenance to guarantee a comfortable and convenient road trip. Depending on the driver assigned for the trip, they can maintain a decent conversation. That’s something you probably can’t get when you opt for a local cab service. Also, we make sure that they have extensive knowledge of Belgrade

When you book with Croatian Guide how do you know who’s meeting and collecting you and from which point?

Have no worries. All clients who have chosen Croatian Guide as their most preferred private transfer company receives a notification about the details of their booking ahead of time. It will include personal information of your driver so you can contact them quickly if necessary. When you book a private car and driver for a trip from Zagreb to Belgrade with Croatian Guide, you enjoy a stress-free journey from start to finish.

Benefits of Traveling with a Local Private Transfer

Whether you’re traveling to Belgrade for a business trip or leisure, you will need to figure out how to get from one destination to another. In this case, you have two options available. It’s either can choose a local ground transportation service which for the most part can be stressful or book a luxury private transfer tailor-made for you. If you truly want to travel in style and enjoy every second of your trip, then you should consider booking a Zagreb to Belgrade private car transfer with a local driver. So what are the benefits of car hire with a driver?


Traveling in unfamiliar territory can be stressful especially if you are not mobile. Of course, you will want to enjoy the trip every step of the way. While a rental car can give you the benefit of traveling at your own pace, you can’t sit back and relax when you’re on the wheels. If you value comfort and convenience, then you should consider hiring a vehicle with a driver for your Zagreb – Belgrade – Zagreb tour.


Unfortunately, many people think hiring a car and a driver for a trip from Zagreb to Belgrade can be expensive. For this reason, they opt for a rental car and decide to drive themselves. The thing is if you choose to travel with the local driver you can avoid the unnecessary fees that come with car rental including additional insurance, gas and parking fees. Private transfer with a driver covers everything and for less.

Avoid Getting Lost

Driving in an unfamiliar destination can be confusing especially for the geographically challenged. Even with the advent of GPS, travelers still get lost. With your own private drivers, that’s not the case. The drivers are quite knowledgeable about the roads that lead from Zagreb to Belgrade. You are rest assured of getting to your destination on time and without worrying about missing your way.


Private local drivers are well versed when it comes to navigating various kinds of traffic and weather conditions. They know their way ways around unfamiliar territories. If you feel anxious whenever you’re driving around an unknown destination, then leave it to the hands of professionals. Get to your destination safely and without stress.

Why Should You Visit Belgrade?

Of course, you’ve heard many reasons why you should book private transportation from Zagreb to Belgrade. But here comes the big question, why should you visit Belgrade? What does this beautiful Serbian capital have to offer? Belgrade is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. It’s a great place to visit as there’s something new to do every time you go there

You can go out any time of the day any day of the week. Just as you’d know, Belgrade has built a reputation for itself as home to one of the most vibrant spots for parties, thanks to its affordable prices and energetic nightlife scene.

Explore the Bohemian Quarters of Skadarlija

What do famous artists, travelers, and celebrities have in common? Well, the answer is simple – great food and alcohol. You will find this and many more when you visit Skadarlija. It is a vibrant cobblestone street located in the city center lined with lots of “kafanas” – a place where locals and tourists alike enjoy great delicacies, drink and listen to live performance by local tourists. It’s not uncommon to find people drinking and singing along with the band until the early hours of the day.

Knez Mihailova

Do you love shopping? Belgrade is renowned not only for its roaring nightlife scene but also as a great shopping center. One of the best places for shopping in Belgrade is the Knez Mihailova. Here you will find lots of shops, bookstores, and restaurants. Musicians, jewelry makers, and local artists make this beautiful spot lively and enjoyable for visitors.

Go Clubbing By the River

The hippest clubs in Belgrade are located by two magnificent rivers – Danube and Sava River. They have some of the best partying spots for revelers.  Some of the top clubs worth visiting include Freestyler, an electro haven; Club River, a perfect spot to enjoy mainstream music; and Club Lasta, a place to be for excellent house music. Keep in mind that these clubs are closed during winter and are most popular among locals and visitors alike during summer months.

Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija is a beautiful river island transformed into a peninsula. Here you will find lots of sports courts and charming cafes. It’s a perfect spot for picnicking with friends. During the peak season, Ada sees no less than 80,000 visitors per day. Enjoy a fun time relaxing on the beach. And if you want something more, Ada has got you covered. Other activities to enjoy here include water skiing cableway, rock climbing wall, waterslide for kids, golf course, and bungee jumping – this is not for the faint of heart.

Ada is a complete attraction that caters to the needs of every traveler regardless of age. Don’t forget to bring your camera along as plenty of picture taking opportunities await you.

Belgrade Pub Crawl

One of the best ways to know more about a particular city and also to hang out with tourists is by visiting a pub crawl. Belgrade is home to countless pub crawls located within walking distance of each other. For every bar you visit, you will get a free shot.

There’s so much to see and do here in Belgrade and regardless of how you choose to spend your time you’re bound to have a bountiful time. Belgrade’s nightlife is often compared as one of the best in Europe, and it has an excellent reputation as a haven for partying and bar hopping.

Book Your Trip Well in Advance

However, to make your trip to from Zagreb to Belgrade an eventful one, consider hiring a vehicle with a driver. No matter what kind of trip you’re planning, you will get the vehicle that best fits the number of travelers in your group, from a car for up to 3 passengers to a van up to 8 passengers. Prices are affordable. While the exact model may vary, rest assured that the vehicle provided will provide maximum comfort, convenience, and safety.

Before hiring our drivers, they undergo serious scrutiny. We check them for any criminal and traffic records. We take the time to investigate our drivers and inspect their cars for convenience and comfort. Every vehicle in our fleet is less than seven years old and in excellent working condition. Also, vehicles are fully insured. For the fact that we offer private transportation from Zagreb to Belgrade, we hire the finest local drivers who are highly knowledgeable about the rules and customs of the road.  For convenience at its finest, book your next Zagreb – Belgrade – Zagreb tour with Croatia Guide, the most reliable private transfer service based in Croatia. Keep in mind that they book up fast. This means you should make your reservations ahead of time to avoid any disappointment.


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