One-Day Trip to Croatian Zagorje

  • Location: Zagreb North: Multimedia museum, Ethnographic village & Castle-fortress
  • Duration: 8-9 hours total
  • Group size: up to 3/4 (car); up to 7/8 (van)
  • Children friendly: Yes
  • Pet friendly: No
  • Activity level: Medium


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About your guide

If you decide to go with a guide on your trip or take a local guide in your town of visit (depending on you chosen trip) you will be accompanied with a person who can tell you a lot not just about heritage and history of the area, but also about the contemporary way of living, habits, suggest you a restaurant according to your preferences, which souvenirs to buy… tell the guide your interests, and she or he, will do the best to make your experience memorable.

What are you going to see and do?

North from Zagreb lies Zagorje with its small towns and villages scattered around low hills that are often covered with small vineyards and orchards.

In the small historical town of Krapina, Hušnjakovo archaeological site is placed. With over nine hundred human fossil bones and numerous fossil animals’ remains, this is one of the richest European finding sites of the early Neanderthal man of the Stone Age. In an interesting and modern way, the Krapina Neanderthal Museum presents history of mankind and so far discovered secrets of the early men.

Old village of Kumrovec is the largest open air ethnological museum in Croatia. It presents village life, customs and crafts in the late 19th ct. in more than 35 authentic buildings and old cottages, together with the birth house of Josip Broz Tito, well known Yugoslav president in 20th ct. In the cottages you will also find wooden handmade toys and Licitar hearts on display, both of these old handcrafts are on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage list of the mankind.

Veliki Tabor castle-fortress, dates to mid-15th ct. The fortress is situated amid green hills and meadows, on top of 333 meter high hill. Apart from representing one of the most valuable architectural monuments of its kind in Croatia, its beauty, shape and position, inspires the imagination. The view from Tabor stretches over the Croatian Zagorje area and part of neighboring Slovenia.


See and experience:

  • Explore Krapina Neanderthal Museum, situated by the finding site. Find out about history of the Universe, Earth and mankind, and step into the world of European Neanderthal man, who lived here before 125.000 years. (For better understanding and experience we recommend that you use mobile guide in the museum). After the tour and visit to the souvenir shop, continue through the forest to the actual finding site (well marked).
  • Take a stroll through Kumrovec Old Village – enter the cottages and find about the almost forgotten way of living, skills of building village architecture, old crafts and customs.
  • Veliki Tabor castle-fortress – explore the architecture and interior, walk around the museum display and find about the legend of Veronika Desinićka
  • A good idea is to have lunch in one of the restaurants or agricultural households – an opportunity to taste excellent traditional local dishes.

Return drive to Zagreb.


Here are a few things we have heard from guests so far:

“Interesting combination of very different parts of history. In one day you can get the insight on the creation of the Earth, the way of the living of aristocrats in late Middle Ages, see how the village life looked like 130 years ago and admire skills in construction, and crafts. We also tried the food in a local restaurant, and it was really delicious.”

“We liked the Museum of Neanderthals very much, a lot of interesting facts and sort of “walk through the creation of the life on the Earth”. And then, quite different and wonderful experience was visiting the castle-fortress, one mast admire powerful building-structure and the view from the hill.”

What else should you know about our trip?

What should you bring to this trip?

Comfortable walking shoes, sunhat, water, (snack).

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