One-Day Trip to Plitvice Lakes

  • Duration: 9-10 hours (time in the Park: 4-6 hours)
  • Group size: up to 3/4 (car); up to 7/8 (van)
  • Children friendly: Yes (Recommendation: For the children under 12 it would probably be too much walking)
  • Pet friendly: No
  • Activity level: Medium


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About your guide

If you decide to go with a guide on your trip or take a local guide in your town of visit (depending on you chosen trip) you will be accompanied with a person who can tell you a lot not just about heritage and history of the area, but also about the contemporary way of living, habits, suggest you a restaurant according to your preferences, which souvenirs to buy… tell the guide your interests, and she or he, will do the best to make your experience memorable.

What are you going to see and do?

The Lakes have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979, being Croatia’s most famous, largest and oldest National Park. 16 lakes joined and split by waterfalls and travertine barriers, represent perfect and exceptionally sensitive nature-wonder. The process of travertine creation is ongoing as you walk through the area and in truth (although you won’t be able to see it on the spot), you can’t see the same Plitvice Lakes twice.

Things to see and do

  • on the way to the Lakes, your driver will make a stop above the picturesque village of Rastoke, dating back to the 17th ct., on the rivers Slunjcica and Korana, famous for its old water mills
  • Plitvice – walking paths in the Park lead mostly along the lakes and across some cascades and you can experience the beauty and the strength of the waters, and admire variations of changing colors of the waters from blue to green, as well as the see of forest that surrounds them
  • take a boat drive across the Kozjak lake
  • take an environmentally-friendly bus (“panoramic train”) drive

After sightseeing, you can have a late lunch in one of the restaurants in the area or just drink coffee and cake, before your return drive to Zagreb.

Here are a few things we have heard from guests so far:

“The drive was comfortable, our driver Marko very friendly, and the Lakes…magical, definitely

“a must see” destination in Croatia.”

“Autumn tree colors, wooden paths across the water sparkling waterfalls, tranquil waters of the lakes full of trout! Even the number of visitors, couldn’t lessen the experience. The food in the local restaurant was really good. Wonderful trip!”

What else should you know about our trip?

  • Best would be to start in the morning from Zagreb, as we have 140 km to drive, some on the highway but most of it on the good local roads;
  • Tickets for National Park (“train” and boat drives are included in the ticket price) to be paid on spot, please check the valid prices on Plitvice Lakes official web pages;
  • The walking paths are well marked, and you can see them also on your ticket; choose you walking tour in advance (shortest tour is 3,5 km long). Learn more about Lake tour programs;
  • You can have your snack on the meadow by the Kozjak lake or decide to eat later in one of the restaurants in the Park, or in the area on the way back to Zagreb;
  • Recommendation: if possible, plan your visit out of the peak tourist season in Croatia (July, August), at the time, the roads are crowded as well as the Lakes.

What should you bring to this trip?

Comfortable walking shoes, sunhat, water, (snack).

Rent a private driver!

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